Friday, January 30, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 1/31 and My Deal of the Year

Good Morning Company Girls, Friends and Family. Come on in and help yourself to anything you find. This week at Home Sanctuary we have been working on a working schedule for our homes, boy is this what I needed. I have been thinking about doing this for awhile, but have not gotten around to it, so this was perfect timing for me.

For those people who know me, you know how much I love making lists. I make lists for everything, what to pack for a trip, things to do, grocery lists, books I've read. For about 8 months I have been making a menu plan for the week, but I will admit that making a menu plan for a month was harder for me to do, but I did enjoy it and it did make me think more about what our month holds. This also made the weekly household schedule for cleaning even more important, especially on weeks like this one when my husband is gone for a good portion of the week on a business trip and I am by myself with the kids.

Home Sanctuary has been a blessing in my life and I encourage you to stop by and check it out.

On a different note, I got the deal of the year this week. For 2 years I have been looking for a pre-lit Christmas tree, but I do not have the money to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a new one, and by the time I can look after Christmas at the sales the nice ones are usually long gone. On Tuesday afternoon I received a call from my good friend Leeanne, she had just purchased a $299 tree for $14.99 and they had one left. I threw Riley in the car, thank goodness the boys have preschool on Tuesday, and drove to the mall. We were there within 15 minutes, but the tree was gone. After talking to the employees for a couple of minutes they told me that they did have one tree left, but the box was broken and they didn't have a floor model to show me. They very kindly went to the back and brought the tree out for me to see. I was happy to buy their $499 for $28, yes you heard me right $28. I brought the tree home and set it up to make sure the lights worked before putting it in the attic for the rest of the year.

Here is a picture of the boys excited in front of our Christmas tree. I didn't really fix the tree so it looks a little sparse, I only put it up to make sure that the lights worked.


One More Equals Four said...

Wow! You did indeed get the deal of the year, I am impressed! This is my first time with company girls and coffee, but the month has been a huge blessing to me. Thanks for sharing!

PolkaDot Mama said...

Great deal on the tree! That's fabulous!

Shanna (Sweetie) Berry said...

Don't you love girlfriends who call about bargains! Your children are so precious, and yes you will live through these years! hugs hugs hugs!

Dani said...

awww, so cute! i bet they loved that!

Erin said...

Yaa! You will be telling this story for years, every Christmas when someone admires the tree. "Well let me tell you about that tree..."

Love the pictures of the kids dancing:)

secondofwett said...

I've always thot those prelit trees looked gorgeous but alas the price always made me ust look but not buy.....congrats on a great deal!

Anonymous said...

At one point, "make a to-do list" was on my to-do list. haha

Fishy Girl said...

Girl....I want to know where you live that you can get deals like that? Being a shopahaulic on a shoestring budget is not fun...let me tell you. I also looked at your later blog entry on your children. They are gorgeous. You are a great mommy. Who can find a deal too.

Leeanne said...

I love a deal but love you more! So glad we get to enjoy our Christmas trees together next year and we will enjoy them more knowing we did not break the bank to buy them! Its great to have a bargain shopping friend who lives at the "needs to be frugal" house like me. Leeanne


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