Monday, March 10, 2008

Cute Sayings and Other Things

Everyday is an adventure in the Dorris household and the saying "Out of the mouth of babes" is true on a daily basis here. The majority of the time they make us laugh, sometimes they make me stop and become more aware of myself, and sometimes they horrify me. Such is the life of any parent. Below are some of the cuter things that they have said recently.

Noah and Seth:
Seth: "I Noah"
Noah: "No, I'm Noah"
Seth: "I Noah"
Noah: "No, I'm Noah"
This went on several times, until Noah took Seth's sunglasses off Seth's face and said, "You silly boy, I'm Noah." At which point they both laughed for several minutes.

Riley: "Wipe Out", popcorn, and Uh Oh.

Noah: "I can't want to...."

Seth: "But Why?" and What's That?

The newest addition to our day are chore charts. This started a couple of weeks ago with very simple chores for the boys, such as, take their plates to the kitchen after meals. When they have completed their chore they get a sticker on their charts. Everything was working perfectly for a couple of days until we hit an obstacle, Riley felt left out. In her mind she is as big and capable of doing anything as the boys. After watching the boys get to put stickers on their charts for about a week, she decided there was no reason she should be left out. Now, after each meal she also must take her plate to the kitchen, and she will let you know if this is not happening. She also stands in front of the refrigerator (where we keep the charts) until she gets here sticker. (It's actually really cute) And now you know how to get a 15 month-old to help out around the house.


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