Friday, January 9, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 09

This is my first Company Girl Coffee participation for 2009. Welcome to my little corner of the world.

My favorite Small Thing this week was getting to play. In my house that is a daily event anyway, but to get permission and points, that rocks! I did get my work done first, at least part of my list was completed, but then the kids and I spent time playing games and dancing around the house. There is nothing better to uplift my spirits for the day then a good laugh and great time spent with my kids. It makes the harder parts of my day much easier to bear.

And because I have not posted any Christmas pictures yet, here are a few from Christmas day with the kids favorite new toy. How did Santa Claus know they loved the Polar Express and trains?


Dani said...

Cute pictures! We love the Polar Express, too. There is a train ride in the Smoky Mountains that reinacts the movie. We are going to do it next year, but I'm already excited!

I read your other blog. My interest is theater. I haven't done a show in a long time, but it is a huge time commitment. I hope to get back to it once Greyson is a little older.

PolkaDotMama said...

The play was wonderful this week wasn't it. I enjoyed permission to play. I think I need to play with my kids more often.

Camille said...

I know it is hard to get back into. This is my first real try at reviving this and my youngest is 2. It is still an experiment in the works. Good luck with the theater,always wanted to try that, but I've never had the nerve.

mholgate said...

Cute Pics! My youngest loves trains. "Choo, chooooo!" is a very familiar phrase in our house. : )

I'm trying to make more time for playing with my kids in the New Year. I wrestled with the kids last night and it was loads of fun and laughs. I want them to think they have a fun mommy.


Fishy Girl said...

I love your pictures. I used to sketch and paint all of the time. I miss it but everything is so crazy right now...maybe someday soon I can get my sketch pad back out.

Claudia said...

What can be more fun at Christmas than trains and kids! Somehow they just go together.

Here's to playing with your kids every day!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a huge set! How fun for the kiddos!

samantha said...

I love the cute pics! Your kids are so adorable! You just feel so good when you spend time with your kids. I need to work on spending more time with mine. The train looks like a really fun toy.

Erin said...

We too have a train, not a Polar Express, but it does get pulled out at Christmas time and put around the tree.

Love the "Little People" picture. What a perfect idea to give the kids their own space to see.


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