Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend, complete with a family birthday party for Noah. My parents arrived on Friday afternoon and fun started. On Friday night after dinner Jared and I took Noah on a special outing with us by himself; if you know our family dynamics, you know it is a very rare occasion when 1 child gets to go with both parents by themselves. On our outing we took Noah to pick out his Scooter, the birthday present from Jared and myself. We had a lot of fun at Toys R' Us letting him try out a couple of different styles of Scooters until he decided on which one he wanted. He did stay true to the last month of asking and picked out the Spiderman scooter.

Saturday was mainly spent in the driveway riding his scooter while Seth and Riley rode their tricycles or big wheels. On Sunday we went to Jared's parents house to swim and enjoy a cookout for Noah's family party. He received many great gifts of which his parents at least are very grateful including clothes for this fall, I know the gift every 4 year old wants more than anything. While I enjoyed the clothes, Noah enjoyed getting a helmet and knee and elbow pads from Jared's parents and Candyland and Hungry Hungry Hippo from my parents.

Needless to say, since Sunday we have played multiple games of Candyland and Hungry, Hungry Hippo and he has ridden his scooter every chance he gets. On Monday night, after it had cooled down to 90 degrees, we all went to the park to ride the scooter, tricycle and walk, it was a great night.

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