Monday, August 25, 2008


The kids are obsessed with flipping. This is a skill they all discovered taking a Parent and Tot gymnastics class at the Y. The Parent and Tot class is something I do with all of the kids when they are around 2. Riley has not yet taken this class, but has learned all about it watching the boys. Flipping is something that Seth is a master of, he loves to flip and will flip anytime anywhere, all he needs is something to hold onto. He no longer needs to even "climb" up to flip over, just something to grab, ie your hands, a bar, the ropes on the hammock, anything. Lately, every night before bed we have 15 minutes of flipping, it's exhausting for us, but they love every second of it.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of everyone flipping. And in case you can not tell who they are upside down, they are in order Seth, Noah, and lastly Riley.

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