Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Money Saving......

For several months now I have been reading a blog almost daily that helps me the saving my family lots of money. This blog lets me know about good/great deals at stores of all kinds, with links to coupons, and other money saving ideas. It has been a huge blessing for my family and has helped me cut our grocery spending cost significantly. I don't think I will ever be as good as she is, but I am doing better, both at saving money and finding the deals myself.

I have also learned there are ways to getting some items for free or almost free by using CVS and their Extra Care Bucks program. While I have struggled in figuring this out and have made many mistakes in trying to get it to work for us, it is finally starting to make sense. This week I was able to work this system and get a ton of expensive, read diapers, items at CVS for (are you ready?).....$1.70 cash. I was so proud of finally getting the CVS deals to work for me that I took a picture of all of my items to show the world.

My $1.70 purchase

I also went grocery shopping on Sunday and while my trip to Publix cost more than my trip to CVS I still think I did pretty good. I spent $77.00 on everything seen in the picture below and saved $50.00. This will feed my family of 5 for about 10 days, of course some of the things like the hand soap will last us months, especially since I have a full bottle in all of the bathrooms already.

For those of you curious the blog I have been reading is called Money Saving Mom and the address is moneysavingmom.com. It has helped me save in all kinds of ways and get a lot of freebies over the past 7-8 months.

I am also putting a link to the site on the sidebar that will link you to the site.

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