Friday, February 13, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 2/13

Good afternoon Company Girls and others.
It has been a very hectic week around here, although I'm not sure how unusual that is. I have picked up a few more hours at the Y for a couple of weeks, this helps with my paycheck, but not with keeping up around the house. Meaning I've pretty much skipped most of the "Small Things" this week, but I still love reading them everyday.
On Tuesday I dropped the boys off at preschool to get 5 minutes down the road and get a call from them. My 3 year old had developed a 101 degree fever in the 5 minutes I was gone. We still don't know what was wrong with him. I picked him up, brought him home and gave him a dose of children's Advil, within 30-45 minutes his fever was gone and has not returned. That was also his only symptom.
Thursday was a full day of Valentine's parties at the boys preschool. This was fun, but hectic, it's hard to divide your time between 2 kids parties at the same school and at the same time. Next year will be even more interesting as I will have 3 kids there, oh well, I'll cross that bridge next year.
We did get good news from our family in Oklahoma, they were not hurt in the tornado that struck this week. My aunt's neighbor lost an outbuilding when the tornado that hit Edmond touched down, but thankfully my aunt and uncle's house was not harmed, nor were my cousins' houses.
We are not doing much for Valentine's day as my husband feels the same as Rachel Anne's husband, and honestly who can afford a sitter for 3 kids and the cost of going out. I have requested dinner at home, in which I do not have to cook. That is one of my favorite presents for any occasion.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, and fun on Valentine's day whatever you do.


Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

You have such a pretty blog! I hope your Valentine's is special. I'm with you - sometimes just having a meal that I didn't have to cook is wonderful! I think one of my favorite Mother's Days was when I just asked hubby to go pick up Panda Express for everyone so we wouldn't have to mess with crowds in restaurants. I was in hog heaven, though he was baffled!

Mommahen said...

We don't do valentine's out either, mainly because my hubby is a restaurant manager so he's always working it. But it has made me appreciate the other times we have together. Sounds like you know how to enjoy the time with your family too.

Glad your little one is better. I hate those mystery fevers.

One More Equals Four said...

Have a great Valentines wonderful to just have a dinner in that you don't have to cook! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your family is safe. We don't really do anything for Valetine's Day either.

secondofwett said...

I know what you mean abt having a meal at home you don't have to cook...that was my request for Mother's Day a few years ago and it was such a lovely treat! Thanks for stopping by....this is the fourth time I've been to Texas and each time I've enjoyed it immensely! I think if I didn't have grandbabies here my hubby would be moving there in a flash!


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