Friday, February 20, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 2/20

Good evening Company Girls and others. I'm a little behind today in posting. It has been a very busy week at our house and while I thought today was going to be used to catch up on some things around here that has not happened since I have had a horrible headache all day.

This week was busy with our usual things; preschool, playdates, my work at the Y, and normal household chores. I was not great about the Small Things this week, wish I could have done better. Oh well, there is a time and season for everything.

On another Company Girl blog I saw her Gratitude Friday list and since I'm having one of those weeks in which I need to focus on my blessings instead of the day-to-day living here is mine.

1. A wonderful husband who is also my best friend.
2. A women's mini-retreat at my church next Friday night.
3. 3 fantastic kids
4. Jesus who died for my sins
5. A wonderful God who gives me many, many more blessings than I will ever deserve and who grants me grace everyday.
6. A part-time job that allows me to bring my kids to work with me while at the same time providing us with a fantastic preschool, extra income, and a membership to the YMCA.

I hope you each have a fantastic weekend. See you next week.


Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I enjoyed reading your gratitude list. We ALL need to focus on our blessings a little bit more. I've been trying to find the light in every situation - and it definitely helps my frame of mind! Have a blessed weekend!

mholgate said...

You know, we all have our weeks when it's hard to keep up on the small things. Good for you for looking at the positive and making a gratitude list!

Sorry to hear about your headache...I've had one with this sinus cold most of the week. Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for visiting today. :)
Have a great weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

aaaaw, I hate those headache days! Wouldn't you just love to lay around on the couch all day when you feel GREAT...I hate wasting it on a headache.

Great list! I ran across a book, 14,000 Things to be Miserable About, and I laughed so hard it cheered me up. I'm sick, I tell you. But it actually made me feel good not to have all 14,000 things going wrong in my life. And it made me feel thankful.

Love your list, and I hope you're feeling better!


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