Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend update

I don't have pictures to post from this weekend ( I forgot to take my camera), but we had a nice Father's Day in Ft. Thomas with my parents and grandmother. Jared took Friday off so we were able to leave early and get to mom and dad's before supper. After dinner my parents watched the kids while Jared and I went to spend some time at the local ItalianFest. Mostly, we went so that I could catch up with a couple of friends from high school. I had not seen either Tim and Jen since our reunion a couple of years ago, but it was great spending a little bit of time with then just talking and catching up on the last few years.

Saturday we went to pick cherries, I know it sounds fun doesn't it. Actually, you would be surprised how many cherries 4 adults and 1 very ambitious 3 year old can pick in an hour. We were all surprised by the amount of cherries Noah picked on his own, he picked a gallon bucket full of cherries all by himself. Seth picked and ate almost everything he picked, but he had a good time. Riley just hung out and enjoyed climbing the ladder. Dinner that night was great as we enjoyed a homemade cherry cobbler from our morning of picking and pitting.

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with my dad. Jared was a bit cheated out of Father's day as I ran out of time to get his present before we left town, but I think he would agree that his present was worth waiting an extra day. He was presented yesterday when he got home from work with a new hammock for the backyard, something he has wanted for a couple of years. We also took him out to lunch and he received a back massage last night.

I love that we take the time once each year to celebrate these special people in our lives. Fathers provide security, fun, love, and leadership, at least in our families they do. I try to appreciate my father, father-in-law, and Jared daily, but I'm not always great at showing that. I grew up with a fantastic father and was truly blessed by God in this way. He was strict, but not horrible. He worked hard and tried to teach us even when we did not want to listen. No matter what, we knew that he loved us and would do anything he could for us. I could not have asked for a better father. I'm also happy to see many of these same attributes in Jared and I pray that one day our kids will feel the same way about him. God has given us an unbelievable example of a Father's Love and I pray that our children will see this reflected in their father's and grandfather's lives and learn these same lessons.

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