Monday, June 23, 2008

Doctors, Dentist, and more

Our 2nd son, Seth, is adorable, charming, active, engaging, and accident prone. In the past 6 months we have seen the doctor for a limp, which thankfully went away on its own, but which required us to wait for a cancer screening test. A dentist for when he fell getting out of his car seat and slammed his mouth into the middle seat of the minivan. Thankfully, he only has his baby teeth, but his beautiful smile now has a gray front tooth. We have to wait and see what will happen, but hopefully it will not get infected and he will just have a few more years with a gray tooth.

Then last week he caught his right thumb in the back of the sliding door on the minivan. I think they need to have pressure sensors on the back of those doors also. He had pushed the button to close the door and then walked toward the back of the van. He put his hand on the van just close enough to the door that when it shut it closed on his thumb. One trip to the ER, 3 x-rays, and a swollen thumb later we were happy to learn that it was not broken, (we thought it wasn't broken, but wanted to make sure). Unfortunately, his thumb is still locked at the top knuckle in a bent position. We have made an appointment to see a pediatric orthopedic specialist on July 9th to see what the problem might be. A friend of ours is a resident in pediatric orthopedics, and after seeing Seth's thumb at church yesterday said he thought it might be "trigger thumb". A problem that he already had but was exacerbated by the trauma to his thumb in the car door episode. This will require a procedure to fix, but should be relatively routine and an easy fix. I pray that he is right and wrong. I don't want Seth to have to have a surgery, no matter how routine, but if it will fix his thumb and take care of a problem, I hope Alfred is right.

Routine is never routine when it involves your child, and no procedure is small when it is your baby having it done. I would greatly appreciate any prayers; prayers for his healing, prayers for the wisdom and knowledge of the doctors, and prayers of peace of mind for me. It is hard to be his mother and not be able to take care of whatever he needs. That being said, I know that God loves him more than I do and that He is control of whatever happens.

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