Saturday, May 23, 2009


Did you know that May is the time to pick strawberries? At least it is in TN. We love fresh fruit, the kids would rather eat fruit than anything else you could offer them. At our house fruit is considered desert, because it can not be put out as an option with a meal or they will not eat anything else on their plates.

Jared's cousin has a big strawberry patch and since the kids love strawberries so much we decided to go pick some strawberries. While Jared and I picked most of the berries, the kids enjoyed eating the berries as we went. By the time we were finished we had 25 quarts of strawberries. Ever wonder what that many berries looks like......

and this picture is missing half of a 5 gallon bucket full and the 6 quarts we had already frozen. With the remaining we made several pints and half-pints of jam and preserves. We also kept a couple of quarts to eat fresh over a couple of days. It was a great experience and we know have enough jam to last us most of the rest of the year.

Now we are waiting on our peaches to be ready and then we will start the whole process over.

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Anonymous said...

They seem so good! You're lucky to have the opportunity to get them ;-)


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