Friday, May 8, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Good afternoon Company girls, friends, and family. I hop eyou are all having a wonderful Friday. It has been a little while since I posted anything. Do you ever just have those times when you don't feel like doing something? I have had 2 weeks of that. We have not been any busier than usual, but I have not had any desire to get on the computer, hopefully that is changing.

I have not been great at doing the Small Things the last few weeks, but I have been getting at least a couple completed each week. Wish I had done better, those treats from last month looked fantastic.

On more exciting new; well at least to us; our second son has finally decided to use the bathroom. He is 3 1/2 years old, and up until recently he had absolutely no desire to use the potty. Today he hopped off the couch and said, "Mommy, I need to use the potty. I'll be right back.", and he disappeared. From the hallway I heard the sound of him removing his diaper and yes, HE USED THE POTTY!!!!! Since then he has gone 2 more times. I know this is probably boring to most of you, but it's a breakthrough for us. Now we have only 1 in diapers. I'm not naive, I know this could end tonight, but it's the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day.


Leeanne said...

Oh my goodness.... Way to go Seth! I know this is exciting at your house and I know how ready you are for him to move on to big boy pants! I will rejoice with you. Keep me posted with potty updates :)

Rachel Anne said...

OH AWESOME! Hey, the potty breakthroughs deserve big headlines! You've got to be happy about that...and rightfully so. Congratulations on this milestone.

Don't worry about the Small Things...there is no guilt involved! We all just do what we can, WHEN we can...even me :). I have good weeks and bad weeks, but they always help me see that a little goes a long way...even when I don't actually do them.

mholgate said...

That is so NOT boring! What great news! My youngest (29 months) is showing interest. He's peed on the potty once. He sits on it quite a bit, just haven't had much luck figuring out what to do yet. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel! :)

Have a happy Mother's Day!

secondofwett said...

I remember when my first was potty trained...2 months before my son was born....I had a whole 2 months w/o was marvellous....especially since that was back in the day w/cloth diapers, diaper pins and plastic pants!
Congratulations and a Happy Mother's Day!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Congratulations! That is definitely NOT boring news! My oldest was that way. We tried and tried at 2 and she was not interested. One day when she was just over 2 1/2, she simply started using the potty. It sure makes life easier when they are on board with the idea.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

LydiaCate said...

Praise the Lord for your pottying 3 year old. Fabulous news! I have a 3 year old who happens to be my most strong willed of the 5, who shows absolutely no signs of potty training anytime ever. At least that's the way it feels. When she asks me to change her dirty diapers she'll say, "Mommy don't go like this!" as she makes a face imitating my yucky face. Then she'll say "you have to have a happy face like this!" And she makes a happy smiley face. It's precious and we have fun even with diaper changing. I'm just done with those dirty ones you know what I mean? So I rejoice with you!
Happy Mother's Day!
Lydia Cate

Anonymous said...

That's great!! It is not boring news to us because we're working on that too....I don't know why since I'm due any day now, and I hear it's hard to get the older one to potty once the baby arrives. Oh well...we'll see what happens. And I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to do something...but not really have any reasoning behind it. I hope you will have a great rest of the weekend! Happy mother's day!

Dawn said...

Oh wow! Congratulations on the potty training!!! I love it when they decide to do it on their own. My oldest (also a Seth) decided about a week before his 3rd birthday that he was done with diapers. He never went back! I never even had to "train" him - it was awesome. Hope this trend sticks for you. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for the coffee!


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