Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

What do you say on a day like today? I am overwhelmed today with the thoughts of the wonderful, gracious gift of Jesus. We are having storms today in Nashville, big ugly storms with tornadoes. This is perhaps very fitting weather for Good Friday; dark, scary, fear-inducing; and yet for believers we are able to rest in the assurances and safety of our God. Today marks the beginning of our salvation through Jesus. Our salvation which would not be possible without the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus made on a Friday thousands of years ago, just for me and you.

My Good Friday Gratitude list:
1. Jesus Christ, who died for me.
2. A wonderful church family.
3. A wonderful family.
4. Good friends
5. A sturdy house to keep us out of the storms.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend. I pray that while we enjoy the fun things of Easter we are also remembering the real reason for this celebration.


Reese said...

We are south of Nashville in Brentwood. Have I commented here before? How did you do in the storms?

Mommahen said...

My boys were in an Easter musical last weekend and one of their songs was "Good Day on a Bad Day"

"It was a good day on a bad day, you heard it right, I'll say it again. It was a good day on a bad day. When Jesus died to rise again. Because He gave his life upon the cross and paid the price of sin for us, that good day on a bad day was a great day for me."

How blessed we are!

I am glad your house is keeping you safe in the nasty weather. Have a blessed Easter.

Anonymous said...

Great list.

Have a great Easter weekend.

L2L said...

well put, Happy Easter!!!


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