Friday, March 20, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 3/20

My helpers

Green mashed potatoes

What it looked like on the plate.

Good morning Company Girls, friends, and family. Come in a help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea this morning. I'm posting early this week, because we are headed out of town for the weekend. Today is my dad's birthday!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! We are headed to Northern KY to celebrate with him this weekend.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with fun this year. The kids all wore green, and boys had special green snacks at preschool. I made Corned Beef and Cabbage with mashed potatoes, which Seth and I dyed green. I tried to tell Seth (3 year old) that he is very Irish, but he got very upset with me and said, "No, I'm not Irish mommy, I'm Sethie." Hopefully, one day he will understand and be proud of his Irish heritage.

The rest of the week was full of preschool and a preschool playdate with friends from church. Jared also tilled up the garden in anticipation of planting in a few weeks. I can't wait.

As for the Small Things this week, I was pretty good at completely them. My favorite was going green on St. Patrick's Day, as this is something we strive for daily. We use cloth napkins, I wash almost everything in cold water, we recycle to the point that we only put out 2 bags of trash on trash day, and for 5 people that's pretty good. I have quit using swiffer sheets and just use a microfiber cloth on my swiffer. We are not perfect in this area, never will be, but we try to be good steward's of our part of the earth and world.

I am really looking forward to working on today's Small Thing. I need to work on all of those areas in my life and this is a great way to start making time for them. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are able to start next Monday feeling "recharged"


Diane said...

Hi Camille! I clicked over to join you for "coffee"! Your boys are adorable; I'm not so sure about the green mashed potatoes, though I'm sure the kids loved them.

Hope you have a very "recharging" weekend - we forget to do that much too often!

Kerri said...

Happy First Day of Spring! I love having St Patrick's Day at my house, too. We somehow always end up with green milk in our fridge. It's a secret that only the leprachaun knows about!! The kids are 23 and 21 & the milk still got changed to green! :)

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the coffee this morning!

Jo said...

I enjoyed popping over this afternoon. That mashed potato looks quite remarkable! I hope they actually ate it, looking like that.

Hope you enjoy your weekend away with your family.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Green mashed potatoes! How fun! Happy birthday to your dad. Have a great and safe trip.

Dani said...

Yummy! Corned beef is one of my favorites. I think it is really cool to have a particular heritage to celebrate. I'm such a mixed bag!

Reese said...

It sounds like you are having a super week!!

CindyC said...

Haha, makes me think of "green eggs and ham ... I do not like them, Sam I am! :)

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Janet said...

Your blog is adorable! I love the color scheme. Not so sure about the green potatoes, but for St. Patrick's Day, I guess they make sense. Sounds like you all had a fun day that day!

Thanks for the coffee!

Mommahen said...
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Mommahen said...

How neat! I never really knew anyone who was truly Irish (everyone celebrates it though) until this year, and it has been interesting to learn about their heritage.

I have THOUGHT about cloth napkins for so long. I know it would really make a difference, but I have a hard enough time with the laundry already. I know I just need to get dedicated with this as we do so many other green things.

Thanks for the coffee! Happy Weekend!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

What great pictures - looks like St. Patrick's Day was fun at your house! We had green chile chicken soup - not overly traditional, but a bit of green and very delicious. Have a great weekend - don't forget to RECHARGE!

mholgate said... mashed potatoes! My mom used to take us kids for a shamrock shake when I was little. Do you remember those? It took me longer to get my kids dressed on Tuesday because they all wanted green and mysteriously couldn't find it for themselves in their drawers!:)

As usual, I enjoyed reading your post today. Last week I didn't get around because we had company, but I'm glad to sit with my coffee this morning and visit.

Have a great day!

secondofwett said...

Well, I was kicking myself because I kept on forgetting that it was St Patrick's day....spending the morning with over 70 kids will do that I guess.....but my grandparents were from Ireland....for shame! :0(

Dawn said...

Oh that St. Patty's day meal looks great! I must be in the mood for mashed potatoes because even *green* they looked good! lol! Hope you have a great birthday celebration weekend! Thanks for the coffee!

Kara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The green mashed potatoes are so cute. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your dad!

God bless.

Rachel Anne said...

I'm not sure how I feel about green potatoes...kinda like green eggs and ham! But what an awesome idea, so creative!

I'm late making rounds this weekend! Hope you're having a great one.


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