Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our busy spring

It has been a busy spring at our house and I thought I would share a few of our activities with everyone. The boys finished their first season of baseball, we were lucky enough to get both boys on the same team this year. They loved playing for Dr. Daxx on the Angels baseball team and they havve officially decided they like baseball a lot more than soccer.

Seth graduated from Preschool and he is now officially in Kindergarten, a fact that makes him very happy and his sister not happy. (Mostly because she thinks she should be going to kindergarten too)

Riley completed her first year of dance with a recital on May 15. It was chaotic, busy, and wonderful. She was adorable in her ballet tutu (see purple costume) and her tap costume (red). They danced their ballet song to Jesus Loves the Little Children, and did a fantastic job. Their tap song was "I enjoy Being a Girl" by Doris Day. The girls all did a great job and Riley is looking forward to dancing again in the fall.

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