Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My darling Seth turned 4 last week. It has been a crazy time and I meant to get this written last week, but I couldn't go any longer without mentioning my Seth.

My second son, Seth, was born a short 13 months after our first child. He surprised us all!!! But, he has been a wonderful surprise in our life. And after a scary first 24 hours in the NICU, has been a very healthy active boy. Life would certainly not be as fun, loud, or full without him.

Seth lives life fully. He only stops when he literally runs out of energy. He does everything at full speed; he doesn't walk he runs; he would rather be moving than sitting still. His laugh is infectious, and he can make you laugh until you cry. He might run over you in his quest to do something, but he will also be the first to offer you a hug or kiss to feel better.

Seth is always the first to notice people's feelings and the most sensitive to how other people are feeling. And while he is usually the loudest thing in the room, he is very sensitive to being talked to in even a slightly raised voice.

It has been a fast 4 years, in every possible way and I can't wait to see what the rest of his life holds. He is a tremendous blessing in my life and I can not imagine my life without my full of life little boy.

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