Monday, June 8, 2009

Teaching Me

You know those moments when somebody says something that makes you stop and think? I had one of those last week. We were playing with sidewalk chalk outside and having a great time. The kids were having a great time drawing things only their own imagination could recognize. Noah came to me and asked me to draw a heart for him, "his heart". I readily complied and drew his heart, when I was finished Noah promptly asked me to draw God. Not understanding what we was asking I sat there for a moment before asking him what he meant.

His answer, "Mommy, I need you to draw God in my heart because that is where He lives." His simple request left me speechless and gave me a lot of think about. You see, when Noah asked me to draw his heart I had been doodling hearts on the sidewalk; empty hearts and yet my 4-year-old immediately wanted his heart filled, not with other drawings, not with his name, but with God.

I'm no artist and wasn't sure at first how to fulfill his request so we settle on me writing GOD inside his heart.

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Rachel Anne said...

Beautiful. Wonderful. Priceless.


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