Sunday, July 13, 2008


Peaches, peaches, peaches. Those were the main things we talked about this weekend. Last year we did not get any peaches off of our two peach trees because of a very late freeze. This year we have 2 trees loaded with White Freestone peaches. On Friday afternoon I picked our first 2 peaches of the season and once Jared got home from work we picked an overflowing 5-gallon bucket of ripe peaches.

After eating at least a peach each, we cut up and froze a couple of gallon bags worth and are going to venture into canning a few quarts this week. I also made a fresh peach cobbler for dessert Saturday night. We still have a lot of peaches on the tree and one tree is still a couple of weeks away from being ripe and ready to pick. So, if you want some fresh peaches, come on over we've got plenty.

The kids and the 5-gallons worth of peaches piled up on the picnic table.

A picture of our homemade cobbler on Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

i think i'm gonna cry. will you eat a peach in my name?

Camille said...

I will be happy to. Wish you were here to share in the bounty with us.

tanya said...

WOW that cobbler looks wonderful
Mama would be soooooooo proud of you. Wish we were nearer to have some. I LOVE peaches...and kids are getting sooooo big....


Camille said...

I wish you lived closer to enjoy some also. Mama wants some of the peaches and she keeps hoping that when they come down next week we will still have some. I have frozen quite a bit and also ventured into canning to keep some for this winter.

Hope we get to see everyone soon.


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