Sunday, January 20, 2008


I know there is never enough time in the day, it doesn't matter if you have kids or not. But really where does it go? My days are full of cleaning, clothes, food, changing diapers, and playing, and these are the days I'm not working at the Y. Most days it seems like I wake up and all of a sudden it is time for dinner. These are the days I feel like I blinked and another day with my kids is gone, while we were caught up in the craziness of life.

The problem comes with those days that seem to last forever. There are just some days you get up and the first half of the day seems like it has lasted for the entire 24 hour time period. Those are the days I need extra grace, wisdom, and patience. We all seem to be in a bad mood at the same time and have a clashing of wills that will not stop. I never see myself more in my kids then on those days. They enable me to see the worst of myself (not fun), but also to give me a minute to think about how that must look to other people(especially Jared).

Having children has helped me take stock of who I am and given me incentive to work on some of my more unpleasant personality traits. I know I will never completely succeed, but it helps to have those 3 little mirrors to reflect into everyday, I think it has also helped me see how frustrating we must be to God, insisting on our way instead of his, refusing to see his wisdom, and not appreciating his love and wisdom. It is true, I do learn more from my children then they learn from me some days.


Monica said...

While I do not doubt you bump heads with your little mirrors, I see the things I love most about you in them. If they are as strong willed as you are, they will be strong, determined people who know what they believe and what they want.

Camille said...

Monica, Thanks for seeing the positives, sometimes it's harder to see those then the negatives, especially when it's yourself you are seeing.

anna said...

You made me cry...that is so sweet.

micheal said...

well I finally signed on to receive your blogs-looking forward to communicting this way and keeping up with the family. I love you and what a joy to see your family growing. They are so cute-Mother keeps me informed as to what they say that is so cute also. Love, Micheal


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